Big Ideas

*Big ideas
“You’re the shadow stealing light against the wall.
You’re the dream I had just before I woke up”
Big ideas…

“You’re the shadow stealing light against the wall.
You’re the dream I had just before I woke”






I am writing about ideas…large and small. 

Yes, even the ideas that are minuscule that float around in your subconscious can become enormous.
Our ideas will differ, but are equally important.

This morning at the moment of the dawning of the day, I walked out on the deck…to embrace the chill of the late Autumn air.

As I looked, the mist was rising from the swamp to embrace this chill.  It moved as if alive, a magic moment in time.  The light of the morning was perfect.  Capturing this dance of this new morning.  Truly magical.  A memory.

There are many reasons we see things visually and think the way we do.  But the way in which we do this is truly a unique experience to each of us.

Our minds will meet on a big idea, we dance in unison and the music in our mind is played…the same unheard song.  This is the moment of connection.  How many times a day does this happen?  Depends.

If you are employed you do your job, hopefully connected and doing it well.
If you are self employed, the same holds true.  You are connected and doing the best you can, which like an employee will vary.

As an employee you can go to your supervisor, or boss with a question, so that you may do your job better, work more efficiently.

Now, Mr. Boss man, let me ask you, how do you find the answers that you need to keep your business moving forward towards your somewhat elusive goal?

Probably, you are continuing educating yourself in the many aspects of your business.  Yet at times you will have to reach out for ideas.

When a roadblock is apparently ahead.. you freeze.    

Just at this moment, time in your mind races backward…then forward, again and again, then STOP.
The moment of the regrouping of thoughts, plan of action has arrived.  I have been in these shoes many times.  I have even questioned my abilities, as you have yours.  This is what makes us successful.

At this point in my life, needing to be abreast of the fast paced world, moving faster than I could have imagined, keeping a step ahead is becoming a race.
Creating a stressor on my thoughts and actions.

As I think, and regroup my thoughts, it seems apparent, clear as the dawning of a new day.  Something different is on the horizon in my mind.

A new Big Ideas.
Why Ideas, not just Idea, you may ask.  I will tell you straight off there is NEVER a single idea, that stands alone.


Ideas like grapes come in bunches.  One bunch of grapes contains many grapes…ideas.  Get the picture.  One idea leads to another.  Ideas.



To become part of Wealthy Affiliates was and is “The Big Ideas”.
Rearranging  myself even re-educating the thoughts in my mind to embrace this Big Ideas, was at first frightening.  But this was my bridge to cross


Making the decision to walk a different path, expand my journey, embrace what the future holds,  becomes part of this wonderful roller coaster world.


Wealthy Affiliates has the training, and all the help you could possibly ask for….Free.  No credit card!  Zippo zap, no commitment, just try it!

I’m sure like Mikey says, “try it, you’ll like it”.  I did, and I liked it!

There is nothing to stop you….except yourself.



*Beginning lyrics to Big Ideas
Writers: Nathan Nicholson, Adam Harrison, Andrew David Smith, Piers John Hewitt
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