How Things Change

How Things Change

Most of us would like to see the future and see how things change for us. If there was a way of changing your life when you knew how things change, wouldn’t it be great. If only we  could change our lives as we went. Obviously this just doesn’t happen. Maybe as an alternative we could learn from the experience of others. Here’s an experience you may relate to.

It’s a “long” summary of me and How Things Change in  my life.
Sorry it’s so long, but I am OLD in years but young at heart.

When I was a young teenager, about half a century ago, I was not sure what I wanted to do with my life?

When I spoke to my parents, and their friends and others I respected, I believed I would get some direction and good advice. Mostly they advised me to get a government job, keep my nose clean and retire at age 65. Then I could live happily ever after.

You will probably have had a similar conversation if you were brought up in the 60’s and early 70’s. Back then I was 17 and just out of school, I could actually imagine getting that wonderful job I would enjoy all of my working life.

So this was the way my thinking was colored as I moved through my teenage years into early adulthood.

When I started looking for that perfect JOB, they were relatively easy to find. My dream job was to become an Air Traffic Controller. I even got a Private Pilots License to give me a better chance of success. Went through a rigorous selection process, several interviews, psychological tests, and a medical. Passed everything until I got to the color blindness test.

Never knew I was red-green color blind until that day. This was the end of my dreams of becoming an Air Traffic Controller. As a consellation prize the recruiters offered me a job in the Department Of Civil Aviation.

There really should be an “Oh, how things change!” in here.

Not having any back-up plan, I ended up by default in the Australian Commonwealth Government in a pretty cushy position of Contracts Officer. It paid well, so I thought, as I had nothing to compare it with apart from a couple of part-time jobs working in my dad’s garages.

how things change

I got married. We had two incomes, so we now had more money.

However, there were also more demands on that money, I had 2 mouths to feed, rent to pay on an apartment, we needed a second car and we had to save to buy a house. Very quickly we found we needed more money,
I started another part-time job. That was three incomes.

With the thinking I had instilled into me, I was supposed to accept our situation and just keep working hard and eventually everything would turn out okay.

Well it didn’t work out okay. The house we could afford was not in the area we wanted, but in an area our incomes could afford. The schools weren’t what we wanted, the only positive here was we wouldn’t have high school fees. It wasn’t close to our parents or our friends. This exercise of getting the wrong house took 3 years.

how things change

Soon we had three mouths to feed, then 4, then 5 and finally 6.

Australian type food.

We decided to put a stop to the family expansion.

Well the “job” in fact any job, just wasn’t going to be the forever income for our growing family. I still had a second job but we needed to do something different.

Our real search for an income and the lifestyle we dreamed of, had now begun.

Firstly it was MLM, and that lasted for many years. It gave us a respectable income, but we needed more. So I went out and got another JOB, selling on commission only. I went from one sales job to another looking for the “right” job, thinking it would be like the ideal government job. It became clear, I needed to work for myself to create a future for my family. It had to be a business of our own, where the income would eventually come from residual sales.

There were lots of positions offering the possibility of a residual income. I sold insurance, personal development programs, investment programs, real estate investment programs; you name it, I probably sold it. Not bad for a Contracts Officer.

This did give us a better lifestyle. We travelled overseas many times, had nice cars, moved house to an upscale suburb on the opposite side of town, sent the kids to a private college. This was over a period of about 20 years. It was a lot of hard work and we could never seem to relax. Lots of weekend work and many nights not at home. So maybe calling it a good lifestyle was not exactly true.

how things change

Then the internet was born, but it was very new. I liked the concept and bought one of the very first Apple Computers thinking this was the way of the future.

I even tried building a computer, not even understanding it needed special “software” to run the thing. We were still looking for the business that would put us on easy street. I was always trying something new that might work.

We now had two businesses rather than two jobs. All that meant was we worked a lot harder, and a lot longer.

Eventually it put a strain on our marriage which caused more financial problems and that finally led to divorce.

how things change

Our MLM business was still going and that did help with the finances. It also occurred to me that even after a few years with very little effort it still produced an income. With the divorce so went the MLM business.

I wanted to find a way to get an income that would go on forever, because some day I would have to stop working.. That day was getting closer and closer.

The computer seemed to be the answer. Not understanding how to make money online, one day while playing around, I met a lady online. Her name was Michelle and she only lived 10,098 miles away.

We typed conversations (no video back then) for about 6 months and eventually I went to meet her. Did I mention I was an Australian and Michelle lived in Florida?

In just a week Michelle and I decided we would come back and live together in Australia.

how things change

I still had my job as a sales manager for a Real Estate Investment company and had quite a respectable income. It was commission only.

We got married, bought a beautiful Great Dane Puppy who we called Abbey, and life was good for a few years. Then one day we got a call from Michelle’s mum. She had some serious challenges and needed us to come home to Pennsylvania to look after her. We sold up most of what we had accumulated including a Mercedes that I really loved, packed up everything else and shipped it to America. When we got to California, Abbey had such a bad trip on the plane; instead of flying to Pennsylvania, we hired a car in Los Angeles and drove the rest of the way to Meadville, Pennsylvania.

how are things going to change for you?

Can you see any pattern in my story?
Can you see how I needed to change my life.

Lots of plans, lots of dreams, that don’t go the way you expect.

How much control do we actually have over our lives.

If you look at your life, have you had similar things happen to you?

Things that take you away from your dreams and aspirations.

As a Contracts Officer, did I ever for one moment think I would eventually be living in America, with a wife that came from Florida? Talk about changing my life!

how things change

Where we live in Pennsylvania, there is no Investment Real Estate opportunities to make money.

Michelle and her Mum had always wanted a thrift store.

So Everybody’s Store was born.

Michelle & I built this store from scratch. We ran the business for 9 years and never bought any stock. We gave back to the community and in turn they supported us with their purchases and donations.

how things change

Four years after we arrived in America, we lost Michelle’s mum. This resulted in a 2 year Court Case. A very traumatic time in our lives.

There were a couple of other jobs with relatively good income, and it was at this point I started to look at the computer again.

I found affiliate marketing, but didn’t have a clue on how to even get started. The idea of running a computer business died.

how things change

I was born with a bicuspid heart valve and In 2013, I needed a heart valve replacement, a new aortic valve, a new ascending aorta and three bypasses to put it all together. After that I had 2 strokes which thankfully had no lasting effects and then 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Cancer. I’ll post about this cancer at a later time as it has been life changing for us. I have not had Chemo, Surgery or Radiation, all the treatment has been done with diet. This is a message I do want to pass on as it can help save countless lives.

how things change

Between 2013 and 2015 we got involved with a number of affiliate marketing groups that cost us several thousand dollars for the experience. The only one that didn’t cost anything was Wealthy Affiliates. But we knew anything that is free wouldn’t be any good. So we disregarded it.

Back to searching for a job. Tried several but couldn’t find anything with a residual income,

only jobs that paid just enough to keep the wolf from the door.
Now it is August 2018, and back to the computer, we came across Wealthy Affiliates. We thought we’d better sign up and give it a try since it was free.
To our surprise we were ALREADY members, and had been since June 2015.

We’re here today to tell you how great this business is.
WA waited for us to catch up.

To see why we are so passionate about Wealthy Affiliates follow this link, become a free member and take a look at what you get for free. Changing my life, made all the difference.

Your personal journey will be incredible. How things change for you will determine your grit and will probably change your life.

Rob & Michelle

Big Ideas

*Big ideas
“You’re the shadow stealing light against the wall.
You’re the dream I had just before I woke up”
Big ideas…

“You’re the shadow stealing light against the wall.
You’re the dream I had just before I woke”






I am writing about ideas…large and small. 

Yes, even the ideas that are minuscule that float around in your subconscious can become enormous.
Our ideas will differ, but are equally important.

This morning at the moment of the dawning of the day, I walked out on the deck…to embrace the chill of the late Autumn air.

As I looked, the mist was rising from the swamp to embrace this chill.  It moved as if alive, a magic moment in time.  The light of the morning was perfect.  Capturing this dance of this new morning.  Truly magical.  A memory.

There are many reasons we see things visually and think the way we do.  But the way in which we do this is truly a unique experience to each of us.

Our minds will meet on a big idea, we dance in unison and the music in our mind is played…the same unheard song.  This is the moment of connection.  How many times a day does this happen?  Depends.

If you are employed you do your job, hopefully connected and doing it well.
If you are self employed, the same holds true.  You are connected and doing the best you can, which like an employee will vary.

As an employee you can go to your supervisor, or boss with a question, so that you may do your job better, work more efficiently.

Now, Mr. Boss man, let me ask you, how do you find the answers that you need to keep your business moving forward towards your somewhat elusive goal?

Probably, you are continuing educating yourself in the many aspects of your business.  Yet at times you will have to reach out for ideas.

When a roadblock is apparently ahead.. you freeze.    

Just at this moment, time in your mind races backward…then forward, again and again, then STOP.
The moment of the regrouping of thoughts, plan of action has arrived.  I have been in these shoes many times.  I have even questioned my abilities, as you have yours.  This is what makes us successful.

At this point in my life, needing to be abreast of the fast paced world, moving faster than I could have imagined, keeping a step ahead is becoming a race.
Creating a stressor on my thoughts and actions.

As I think, and regroup my thoughts, it seems apparent, clear as the dawning of a new day.  Something different is on the horizon in my mind.

A new Big Ideas.
Why Ideas, not just Idea, you may ask.  I will tell you straight off there is NEVER a single idea, that stands alone.


Ideas like grapes come in bunches.  One bunch of grapes contains many grapes…ideas.  Get the picture.  One idea leads to another.  Ideas.



To become part of Wealthy Affiliates was and is “The Big Ideas”.
Rearranging  myself even re-educating the thoughts in my mind to embrace this Big Ideas, was at first frightening.  But this was my bridge to cross


Making the decision to walk a different path, expand my journey, embrace what the future holds,  becomes part of this wonderful roller coaster world.


Wealthy Affiliates has the training, and all the help you could possibly ask for….Free.  No credit card!  Zippo zap, no commitment, just try it!

I’m sure like Mikey says, “try it, you’ll like it”.  I did, and I liked it!

There is nothing to stop you….except yourself.



*Beginning lyrics to Big Ideas
Writers: Nathan Nicholson, Adam Harrison, Andrew David Smith, Piers John Hewitt

Wealthy Affiliates – A Review From Experience


Name: Wealthy Affiliates

Price: $0 FREE Unlimited Time, Join Here Now. Option to upgrade to Premium at $49 per month.
If you join the free membership it’s good to know that WA offers a bonus if you take the step to upgrade to a premium member within the first 7 days….you will get a huge discount on the first month of your membership!Just $19 instead of $49.

Owners: Kyle Loudoun & Carson Lim

WA is owned by Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim, through the company – Niche marketing Inc. The business was registered on 07/07/2005 and has been running in 12 years. They have never changed their company, business name or the main website.

As far as I have found the owners have not been involved in any other online businesses. There are however some complaints about WA at “Ripoff Report” but after reading them it seems more like opinions than facts. I guess that if you have about 1.3 millions members there must be some that aren’t happy…

PRODUCT: Wealthy Affiliates

Overall Rank: 95 out of 100 

See reason for my score in the details “Good and Bad” below.

They say it’s Simple, “Our Training Works”. The Education at Wealthy Affiliate isn’t just simple, it’s better in every single way. From the moment that you join you are walked through a state of the art, step-by-step training platform. For newbies and advanced marketers alike, the focus with all training is teaching you how to create a successful, long term business within the online space that will make you money.
If it’s you are looking for, this is where you will find whatever amount you want.

Wealthy Affiliates offer entrepreneurs assistance in
– building websites
– getting search engine rankings
– generating revenue

Not only do they offer training, support and coaching, they also provide the essential tools needed for running an online business.

Within Wealthy Affiliates there are only 2 levels of membership, Starter and Premium. Here is a comparison;

Join Wealthy Affiliates NOW ! It’s FREE

What training is available?

Here are the first two :
Online Entrepreneur Certification consists of 5 courses 50 lessons
The basic Bootcamp Course has 7 courses and 70 Lessons

I have to keep saying, this is just the start !

This is definitely the Best Affiliate Training in the World
Follow step-by-step video based training on how to build an incredibly successful business. There is no other community like Wealthy Affiliate in the world.

As an example of their training, some subjects covered in the
basic Bootcamp Course – 7 courses and 70 Lessons are summarized below:

#1 WA Bootcamp – Getting Your Business Rolling
#2 WA Bootcamp – Content, Keywords and Conversions
#3 WA Bootcamp – Giving Your Site Social Value
#4 WA Bootcamp – Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media.
#5 WA Bootcamp – Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals
#6 WA Bootcamp – Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC
#7 WA Bootcamp – How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

Remember, I said this is just the start of the training !

The Good & the Bad

Firstly the Good:

What does WA Offer?

Compare WA, with any other program you have researched.
Compare the cost of ANY of those other programs. I know some are incredibly expensive.
There is definitely no need to pay these exorbitant prices.

Take your time and check out what you get at Wealthy Affiliates;

Weekly LIVE Interactive Classes
Each and every week we offer Live Class training from industry experts. Jay, the lead trainer in the live classes, is going to blow your mind and advance your skill sets on a weekly basis with insights into new, and bleeding edge strategies.

Plug Into Over 300 Hours of Expert Education
Every live class is published as a “replay” and as a Premium member you are going to get access to ALL of the past live classes. This includes over 300 hours of education on absolutely every topic imaginable. If you want to redefine your business and scale to entirely new levels, this is worth 100x the cost of the Premium membership alone.

Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 Lessons)
This 5 Phase, 50 Lesson course is going to be the fundamental core of your knowledge base and by the time you are finished this training you are going to be well equipped to succeed within ANY niche, category or vertical online. This training is updated regularly to keep you ahead of your competition and industry trends.

Affiliate Bootcamp Training (70 Lessons) Free
Affiliate Bootcamp is going to take you from a potential newbie in the “make money” niche, and turn you into a thriving and successful entrepreneur. No secret is left unattended, no golden nugget left out. Affiliates that have taken this course are thriving and many will be attending the full expense paid trip to Vegas this year (and you can too).

Incredible Catalog of Industry Training
There are 1,000’s of training modules covering pretty much everything you could imagine in terms of running an online business. Every single day there are new training modules being created through our “community training” program. Subject matter experts are contributing to the education you get at WA and you get full access to this within Premium.

Classrooms, Evolving Daily (12 Classrooms)
We have the most diverse subset of training in the world. There are MANY ways in which you can build a business and monetize it online. From e-commerce, drop shipping, local marketing, Adsense, Facebook ads, SEO, pay-per-click, email marketing, lead generation, etc. All of these topics are going to be covered within the classrooms and throughout the platform at Wealthy Affiliate. If you don’t see the training you are looking for, simply request it. An expert within the community will build it!

Earn Revenue Creating Your Own Training.
Want to earn some extra money simply by giving back to the community? As a Premium member (after 3 months) you have the ability to create your own video training, text tutorials as well as courses. Payments for training are sent monthly and it can be a way to subsidize your entire membership costs at WA.

Your Own Authority WA Blog
You have your very own profile blog at Wealthy Affiliate that you can use to share your experiences and your journey online. These blogs are among the highest ranked in the world. You will literally see your posts in Google and other search engines within minutes and through time, you might have MANY of these ranked. The side effect? Revenue. Every person that visits your blog at Wealthy Affiliate and ends up joining you get full referral credit for.

A Website Platform You Can Grow With.
As your business grows, your website platform is going to need to grow with you and allow for higher traffic websites, and more websites. At Wealthy Affiliate you can run several multi-million dollar websites from ONE platform in SiteRubix. You will not outgrow the platform here and as a Premium member you can host up to 50 websites total.

3,000+ Beautiful Website Designs
Your website design is something personal and it is nice to have choice. As a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate you are going to have access to over 3,000+ beautiful themes. These themes are “mobile” ready and there is a design available for every type of niche website.

51,973 Website Feature “Add Ons”
There are over 51,000 “feature” extensions available within Premium that you can use to ENHANCE your website in every imaginable way. Everything from building membership sites, adding shopping carts to your site, image/design plugins, font plugins, and plugins for managing social aspects of your business. These are FREE and installed on your website with a click of a button!

Site Domains, The World’s Only All Inclusive Domain Platform
With our domain platform at Wealthy Affiliate, you have access to all the features you would expect other domain registrars to charge for. Included with every domain is WHOIS Privacy Protection, 24/7 Support, Next Year Guarantee Pricing, Domain Security, Unlimited Email Accounts, & Advanced DNS Management & Instant Set-up. As a Premium member, you will have access to all of these features for no extra cost with any domain that you register through SiteDomains!

SiteSpeed, Amplify Your Website Speed
A fast website is a higher ranked website. A fast website is also one that offers a much better visitor experiencing, leading to more “time on page”, more people reading your content and more conversions. The Site Speed feature will lead to the fastest website load times in the industry. We guarantee it.

SiteProtect, Increased Spam Protection
Website security is becoming more and more important to the overall success of a website. The SiteProtect feature at Wealthy Affiliate adds a three-point protection layer on your websites. Comment Spam, Back Office Hacking (passwords), and Website Load Speeds (Botnet Attacks). These are the three ways hackers look to wreak havoc on your business and we protect you from all of these with the SiteProtect platform.

SiteHealth, Website Analysis
There are many ways that you can determine the overall health of a website and WE track those for you within the SiteHealth platform. These include publishing frequency, content quality, visitor engagement/your engagement, plugins, website feedback, Google rankings and overall trust. Anything that can be tracked, can be improved upon and SiteHealth will help you do this with great efficiency.

SiteComments, Explode Your Website Engagement
More engagement, leads to better rankings in search engines. Engagement leads to trust. Trust leads to conversions. Conversions lead to revenue. Within Wealthy Affiliate Premium, you have access to our “comment exchange” platform that will help you efficiently amplify engagement on your websites. Choose the number of comments you want, set the task, and hours later watch the comments come in.

SiteFeedback, A Focus Group for Your Website
One thing that is important when analyzing your website, is understanding how customers behave on your websites, how they react to your design, your navigation the overall flow. The SiteFeedback platform is going to allow you to get community feedback from REAL people in respect to your website, allowing you to efficiently improve your site design & conversions.

Advanced Website Training
There are hours of video training and 100’s of training modules that you will get instant access to that will help you become an EXPERT with WordPress. As you move through the core training at Wealthy Affiliate you will naturally be well versed, but the advanced website training will take you to the next level in terms of skill set. No technical skills required. 

SiteSSL – Free SSL certificates (Website Encryption)
Websites with SSL installed on them are starting to rank much better than non-SSL websites in search engines! With SiteSSL at Wealthy Affiliate, you can set up SSL certificates for completely FREE on any domain that you own. It is instant and we have broken the convention because these are typically “paid” services elsewhere (typically $50 per year, per domain), but completely included in the Premium membership for any domain that you host.

All of the above is why Wealthy Affiliates gets my 95% rating.

What is the bad?

So really, what is the Bad 5%?
It really gets down to you and your willingness to put in the work to develop a business. Yes, a real business. Like any business it’s going to take effort.
WA does not pretend to be a get rich quick scheme. Even throwing money at WA does not guarantee you an income. That’s where the work comes in and I guess for some that is the “BAD” 5%.


Wealthy Affiliates is the way to go if you are in any way involved in Affiliate Marketing.
NO Credit Card required, NO cost. Lots to gain.
Why not try it for yourself, it’s FREE.

Just enter your email here, 

We look forward to working with you as you build your online business with Wealthy Affiliates.


~ Rob & Michelle

” If it doesn’t challenge you,
       ​it won’t change you”

Learn Marketing Online For Free

It would be nice to have a simple guide to Learn Marketing Online For Free. Sounds to good to be true. So I have put together a few points that hopefully will give you some food for thought, and you can come to the conclusion that there is a place where you can learn marketing online for free. Learn Marketing Online for FREE initially sounds like a good idea, until you learn enough to realize many aspects of marketing that you need to make money online have been left out. You always end up with many questions unanswered and “systems” that do not answer those questions. So, how do you find the missing links, how do you find out what has not been covered in the free sites. Below I have given you some suggestions as where to look. Being involved in Wealthy Affiliates has given me a clear advantage to know what I don’t know. This is the way you learn. We’ll just cover a few of the areas that are important.

Finding a profitable Niche

To learn marketing online for free, it starts with you and your passion or interest. find your nicheWhat is your NICHE. A niche or area of interest is what you are going to present to your audience on your website. The best niches are ones where you’re solving a problem for somebody. Your job is to figure out a way to help people with their problems.  Then the money will follow. Sub-Niches may be your way to go. Finding a profitable sub-niche is hard. Or at least, it can be. There are many programs that can help you. Google, Jaaxy, NameMesh and internet searches of similar sites. Just type your niche or sub-niche into the Google search engine and watch the drop down panel list other niches that people are searching for. Above all, find a niche that you have an interest in. You must enjoy what you are getting yourself involved in. That’s why it is called a passion. Your passion may involve a number of keywords or phrases. Keywords What are my chances of success? In targeting the keywords that will work for you, it’s essential to not only understand the demand for a keyword or phrase, but also the work required to achieve high rankings on Google and other search engines. If  you’re just starting out on the web, you will have an uphill battle for rankings, it can take years of effort when the well established companies already have taken the top 10 results. To proceed or not proceed Happy kids, group of girls and boys, leisure game, vector funny illustrationBy using your Keyword/Phrase, ask yourself, will searchers find what they are looking for on my site? Will they be happy with their search results? (or will your traffic quickly move to another site that’s more relevant to them, meaning no money for you,) Will this traffic you are creating result in the financial return you are looking for?  That’s why the keyword is so important. If the answer to all of these questions is a clear “Yes!” then proceed … If not reconsider your keyword/phrase. Building your Website This was initially my most daunting challenge. Layout and installation of roof rafters Not actually building a website but finding the information getting the knowledge that would enable me to build one. There are many free websites that will automatically create a website for you. However, that is just the start. How do you put in the keywords that are going to allow your visitors/traffic to find you? What about a domain name ? Is the domain name private or public? Is the site protected? Is the site Search Engine Optimized (SEO)? You need Wealthy Affiliates to guide you    Start NOW! These are just a few of the many challenges you face. If you use a platform like GoDaddy (great company and user friendly) or similar, it will cost an arm and a leg to get it all together. Sure, they do provide all the information, but you have to figure out where it all goes. Otherwise you have to pay for a Course to learn how to put it together. I’ve been there, done that over and over again. Please consider Wealthy Affiliates, the free version, to learn how putting together a money generating website, correctly is a lot easier than you ever imagined. Just start with the free version, get all your ducks in a row and proceed from there. Just follow the lessons and it all become crystal clear as to what is required to make money and what your next step will be. Hosting for your website To create a website the first thing you need is a domain name.  How Good Is Your Domain Thermometer Rating Website Name A domain name is like a piece of real estate on the internet, and each domain name you own, it’s like owning your own block of land. Just like a block of land, some names are worth more than others. You come to find out while you are searching for a name for you. Maybe try your own name, What better piece of real estate to own than your own name. The Domain name is used to look up your website on the internet. You need to do a search to see if the domain name you want is available. (There are lots of different places where you can do this search.) If  the name is not available you will need to modify the name and keep searching until you find one that is available. This may take some time to find the right one for you. To keep that domain name it must be renewed every 12 months (maybe 3 yrs or 5 yrs) and the terms available through Wealthy Affiliates are the best in the industry. Compare WA with other companies to confirm this for yourself. Once you have your domain name, this domain name has to be published on the internet. ​This is called Hosting. Internet concept ​Again this is a yearly (or longer) cost and the company you buy it through will make a big difference to what you get for what you pay. Apart from the straight cost, what you get varies greatly from one company to the next. Consider the following: What is the speed of your site. Speed makes a big difference to your visitors website experience, gives you better rankings and better engagement. Is your website encrypted. 256-bit Encryption keeps visitor data safe. It  is called Site SSL (HTTPS) Spam Blocker The problem with plugin spam blockers is that the spam still hits your website, clutters your database, slows your site down, and wastes time recovering real comments. WA’s proprietary SiteProtect happens at the server level and blocks ALL automated comment spam before it even hits your site.  It’s just better! Site HealthHealthy Fit Diet Activity Sport Lifestyle Purpose ConceptMonitoring the health of your website ensures your have the best chances of indexing, rankings, and acquiring traffic through Google, Yahoo, and other major Search Engines. Site Support Website Technical support available 24/7. You can expect a response in minutes. WA also has a Website Engagement platform to get discussions going and see engagement within your website content – a must for ranking. Site Security Businessman using digital padlock to secure his datas 3D rendering WA’s proprietary suite of website security including hacking, malware, and bot-net attack protection. We keep your hard work safe. Site Feedback Get feedback on your new website from the WA community and find out what others think about your site design, your content, and your overall direction. All in all, the very powerful feature stacked Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Platform is a great purchase at an incredibly low price.

Online Traffic for free

This is the question everybody wants the answer to. The answer however is not an ap, nor a secret website, Social Media concept with smartphone It is all in your content and what you are offering your visitors to help solve their problems. Let’s Get Started  (conclusion) So, I hope I’ve given you some food for thought. These few areas of making money online are just the tip of the iceberg. However, it does serve to  explain what is involved when you try and Learn Marketing Online for Free. Wealthy Affiliates is the most comprehensive, easy to understand guide when you try and Learn Marketing Online For Free. Here’s is your chance for ZERO COST, FREE,  not even a credit card. Just sign up with this link and start today. We are here to help you get started and help you with any questions you may have moving forward ~  Rob & Michelle

” If it doesn’t challenge you,        ​it won’t change you”