Review of


Name: Digital Worth


Price: $797 plus taxes

Owners: Andrew Hanson and Sara Young

Overall Rank: 6/10

Digital Worth Overview:

The Digital Worth Academy is a course, software suite and coaching program focused on how to build high authority web properties for income and eventually to sell them as an asset.

The Good & the Bad:

Pro#1: “We want to be proud to say that we help people build legitimate, lasting side businesses working from home.” Quote from their website.

Pro#2: They have a large, in fact a huge amount of material to prove their system is the best. Very convincing, especially for those just starting with affiliate marketing. Lots of examples from their members.

Pro#3: There are 6 Sections, 30 Modules and over 150 “over the shoulder” videos. More details in the tools and training section below.This also includes written material for those that don’t like videos. Good for reviewing the lessons.

Con#1: Initial cost of $797 plus taxes. This gets you started but there is still domain name costs, monthly hosting fees and a $37 per month (minimum) for their recommended “research” tools.

Con#2: The objective of Digital Worth is to build up a site and sell it. Once it’s successful, the main objective is the sale, rather than an ongoing income.

Con#3: Expected time to produce income is 6 to 12 months. This is estimate on their website.

Who is this program for:

They say it’s for the right people, (have the money) who join Digital Worth Academy and they will teach you how to grow a “web property” from zero to $10,000 per month revenue, and how to set it up for a sale at x30. $300,000.

Digital Worth Tools and Training.

The tools and training are divided into 7 sections, 30 modules and over 150 videos.


  • Picking markets and the products to sell them.
  • Making your authority website with WordPress.
  • Making money with content.
  • Getting rankings and traffic from Google
  • Using their Diamond Keyword Miner to find the right market, the right product and the right traffic

Their training is well documented and anybody that’s prepared to put in the effort should see good results.

Digital Worth Support

They have a Coaching program.

Software tools
Community Support
Outsource Staff who can help students complete tasks and obtain results faster.
7 day/week customer support team

Digital Worth Price:

$797 plus tax, domain name registration, hosting $5 per site per month, plus $37 minimum for a recommended research tool.

My final opinion of

Has all the elements of a good training and coaching system. My concerns are the initial upfront costs, which means they get their money whether or not you succeed. Also restricts the number of people who can join the program.

Another concern is their stated objective for members to sell their site once it’s successful. There is no talk of developing a passive income for long term security. at a glance:

A costly introduction to Affiliate Marketing.

Is it legit: Yes, definitely, but it will cost you $$$’s to find out for yourself.



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