Know exactly what the Customer wants

Ever feel like you are searching, searching, searching,  looking for the answer to your problem.

So what is your problem. Buying a new car, trading in your old cell phone on a new one, renting an apartment or buying another house. Deciding what to have for dinner or buying that special article of clothing, whatever it may be you know exactly what YOU want, it’s just finding it. Sometimes it’s obvious and other times it’s more illusive, even to you.

When we started our search for the perfect online marketing system we certainly did have a problem. WE knew our problem but didn’t know where to go to solve it.

For a moment  think of yourself as the “customer”.  
How would you like a salesperson to help you, what should they do or what should they say?  Just because you are in their store (on their web page) , often the sales person will just assume you want, what they are selling. These types of salespeople are not really sales people, they are order takers.

That is why there are so many self serve check outs, who needs a body to process a scan. The store has already determined that you know what you want, and will encourage you to serve yourself.

This is very different than selling to a prospect that is looking for the best deal, the right product to do the job, the quickest delivery time, the cheapest delivery cost. Sometimes they may not even know exactly what they want.

So how do you find out exactly what the customer wants and ultimately what he will buy.

This is both simple and yet difficult.
The obvious answer is to ask questions, however, what questions should you ask particularly if they are online.

Checking out Google you will find many “lists” of questions you should ask a prospect.
Have you ever thought when a salesperson is trying to sell you, they are going through one of these lists of questions, step by step and

    then expect you to buy because they got to the last step. It’s very annoying and you just want to get away and find somebody else that will listen to what you want and actually help you make a decision.

I have been on both sides, and believe building rapport comes very high in the “list” of things you should be working on with the customer, before going for the jugular and telling them why they should buy your product.

My experience is that the customer needs to “buy” you, before they will buy your product.
Online this trust or rapport is built by always looking out for the customer, going that extra mile, and never touting your wares as something they are not.

Online rapport is something that is earned solely by the seller. Show the customer you are looking after them. No false promises and they will warm towards you.

Now, when it comes to online marketing and the make money online niche, there is a real challenge in figuring out what the promoters of all the different systems are really promoting. This was our challenge as we started our journey to find the best “system” to use to build an online income.

We did a lot of reading, attended lots of FREE online webinars, getting involved with several, one that cost $29, others that were around $199 and lots of others  at all sorts of prices, the most expensive being $2,500.

The selling of these systems relied on a lot of hype, lots of those false promises, free this and free that, all designed to get your money, not really caring if you made money or not. The majority of these systems, also required you to invest in additional programs to make their system work.

Michelle and I spent 2 years just looking, investing, trying to figure out the right one for us.

In a previous life I had been involved in the training industry for many years and understood how to take a a person with very little knowledge and teach them to become experts in their field.     

Within the the online marketing niche, we had not found anyone or any system that could provide this training with simple, easy to understand language and take us step by step,

that also had the patience to stick with us, until we got the expertise we wanted.

One of the biggest challenges was our full time jobs that only allowed small windows of time to work an online business. We needed something we could build in conjunction with our jobs.

As we moved ahead with our investigation of finding the best online marketing system, we had to work as both customer and salesperson. The title of this post is “Know exactly what the Customer wants”, here YOU are the customer and at the same time you are the salesperson.
As a customer knowing what end result we wanted and as a salesperson knowing what each system is trying to sell us via their websites, webinars and other “propaganda”.

This might be a bit harsh, but to fully understand a system you may be involved with for the rest of your life, you do need to get it right from the start. If after investing a lot of time and effort and finding out it’s not what you thought, is incredibly demotivating.

After 2 years of this endless searching we came across Wealthy Affiliates                                               Wealthy Affiliates
By now, we had all the questions to ask ourselves without any salesman (website, webinar or email) trying to sell us on any specific idea.

Let me tell you
Wealthy Affiliates has it all.
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Only you know the real reason you are looking to build an online income.

What ever the reason, all of your challenges will be addressed here at Wealthy Affiliates.

There are no time limits and you are given all the tools you need to develop a successful online business in any niche you choose. There is training like you would not believe, all the lessons have a training video, you see exactly how it is done.

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Know Exactly What the Customer Wants.
This is the answer to your ability to sell.