Something Has Got To Change

Something has got to change. If you’re like me when starting out a new venture you often get to a point, where you say to yourself “something has got to change”, this is just too hard and you’re about to give up.  But you stop and think, other people can do this, why can’t I ?

You do a bit of soul searching and self analyzing and you think, well, maybe It’s me that has to change.

Well, Something has got to change!

Now there are many things that you could change, but most of all they turn out to be, the way we think. So, how did I get to the way I am thinking at this particular point of time in my life?

My wife Michelle and I owned a Thrift Store in Meadville, Pa called Everybody’s Store.

We started this business from scratch when we moved from Australia in 2002. Neither of us had ever run a thrift store before. We worked with the Community to provide a economical way for them to buy all sorts of goods. As we got to know are customers, one thing became painfully obvious. Many of them were very “narrow” in their thinking. This is not a criticism, but an observation.  A number of those we spoke to in their 50’s & 60’s had NEVER been to Erie. Erie is our nearest “major” city and is about 45 minutes drive from Meadville. This was staggering to us. In the short time we had lived in Meadville, we were going to Erie, 3 or 4 times a week, sometimes just to get a coffee at Ember Forge and a meal at My Thai. For somebody that only knows Meadville and maybe what they read in our local Meadville Tribune, (which has it’s own slant on life ) can you imagine how restricted their knowledge is.

I guess we are all restricted in our thinking because of the way we were brought up by our parents and those they  associated with, then as we grew up by our own associations with our friends. I am a member of Lions Club International and became the head of the Meadville Club. While in this position most of my thinking was in terms of the Lions Club. Several years later we remodeled our home, and guess what we were continually thinking about….remodeling stuff.    So  for us whatever our interest is, that’s what our thinking is focused on. There are many who have a passion in a particular field and their life is devoted, morning noon and night, in learning as much and becoming the best they can in that field. Their thinking on other areas of life becomes almost none existent. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but I believe they should let other “thoughts” become part of their life as well as their passion. Even their relationships can be affected by this narrow thinking.

So, where is your thinking at?   Ask yourself…Is it conducive to what I am trying to achieve? Is my thinking inline with the goals I have set for myself? How do I figure out what my thinking should be to succeed in my new venture?

Looking at people that are already successful in my new chosen field of endeavor, do they think like I think? What if I could look at their thinking and compare it to how I think. Do I need to change? Should I look and listen to them and see if I have the same thinking? Maybe I don’t want to be like them, I might want to do it my way. This thinking is often a formula for disaster. I believe you should first learn to do as the experts do, and when you are as good as they are, then personalize your thinking and expertise to become better than they are.

How does all this relate to Wealthy Affiliates. Learn from those that have gone before you, those that have successfully built their businesses. The best way is to complete all of the basic training, get involved with the Live Training and understand how the successful people think about this great business. Ask questions when you get stuck…this is the way you learn how others think. Something has got to change! Open up your mind, in my analogy, get out of Meadville.

When I have a project at home, I do a lot of thinking before I start. Invariably I find I am lacking in knowledge and spend a lot of time on Google. Not just one site, buy many sites to get different opinions and different thoughts and ideas on the project. This way as I learn more about my project, my thinking changes and so does my expertise on the subject. Getting unbiased information Is very difficult because everybody has their own ideas.

Just Google anything and look at the ads that are at the start of your search, At Wealthy Affiliates you have the unique advantage that nobody is trying to sell you something. There are many different ideas and posts, and as you work through them your thinking does change, thankfully all in the right direction. You will find you will relate to certain members and you will start to think along the same lines as they do. This is a tremendous advantage of being a Member and particularly a  Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliates. Realize something has got to change!

So, where is your thinking now…well it doesn’t matter.







Start the training, and step by step your thinking will become that of an expert Premier Affiliate Marketer.