Why was Affiliate Marketing So Difficult

When I first ventured into the world of Affiliate Marketing, the future looked very bright indeed, and then….. pretty soon, after I got started, I ended up with more questions than I had answers or even could find answers for.

Why was affiliate marketing so difficult.

It was very frustrating. I wanted to learn marketing online, but didn’t want to pay for the information, I figured it should be on the internet. To learn marketing online for free was a real challenge, because nobody wants to give away their information.
I tried a few “free” programs, but just after I got going and they wanted more money to go the next step. It felt like I was getting the run around and being put on a treadmill of never ending payments.

So we decided that to learn marketing online and get the very best information, we needed to pay for it.  After talking it over we decided to find a system that sounded good to us (Michelle was still very apprehensive) and we’d “invest” whatever we had too, within reason.  Over the next three years we paid $49.00, $199.00,  $249, and $2,500 (not in that order) for various systems and programs to make money online.

After kissing all our money goodbye and more importantly wasting all our time on something that didn’t work (at least for us), you would think we’d have figured out this online marketing business.
Why was affiliate marketing so difficult.
We kept thinking it was us that we didn’t have what it took to build an online business. But then it all became clear as we started to connect the dots.

As we look back, with each and every system we tried there was always “things”, explanations, details not fully covered, how things are connected, just some of the real important stuff, we now felt had been deliberately left out.

Another problem I found was the support from many of these programs was very sterile and often did not address the specific questions we asked.
But we did not give up.

In August 2018 we were looking at “opportunities” to make money online and saw an article about Wealthy Affiliates. It said there was;
no cost to join, free
no credit card needed, no money needed
no time limit on membership, no pressure
Sounded like something for us.
We decided to join for free right then, on the spot without thinking to much about it. What could we lose.
I put in my details…only needed an email address. Immediately, the site came back and asked for my password. Well I didn’t have one did I, so I thought I’d get a new one. That worked, I made up a new password and bingo it let me in.
Looking around the site, to my utter amazement I found that I was a member and had been since 2015.
WOW, what a wake up call. The opportunity we had been looking for was staring us in the face for 3 years.
Don’t ever think that because something is FREE, it is not what you are looking for. Investigate and truly understand what is behind the motives of those promoting the program.
Thankfully, Wealthy Affiliates is a program that waited for us to grow and mature. This has nothing to do with age. The founders of Wealthy Affiliates, Kyle and Carson have done a superb job of creating a brilliant learning platform for anybody to follow. There is an Membership for everybody, a Free Membership and Premier Membership. When you are ready you can choose to become a Premier Member. What you get with the Premier membership covers many of the “tools” needed to build a long term affiliate marketing business.
When you are out there looking for the right opportunity, DO NOT pass up Wealthy Affiliates without 1st looking at and understanding what they have to offer.
You have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.
I guess we are always looking for the “easy answer”, the “get rich quick promise” maybe thinking the more we pay the more we get. NOT TRUE. The experience we talked about earlier proved to us this is definitely not so.
Why was Affiliate Marketing so difficult, it was this looking for the easy answer, the get rich quick offers. I think you get what I’m saying.

But there are many other things that can make it difficult. Like all the missing bits from many of the programs we tried. With Wealthy Affiliates, all you have to do is follow the lessons.

ALL of the lessons are intertwined into the process of building a money producing website. Miss or leave some out and you will have difficulty make money. It will also cost you lots of time in trying to figure out why things are not working. Then you have to go back and cover the missed lessons,or, you could just quit and say to yourself, it’s just to difficult for me.
Why was affiliate marketing so difficult for us…because we didn’t follow the lessons in order.
If your are on the Wealthy Affiliates Platform, you are the one that’s made it difficult for yourself. Just follow the Lessons and tick off your progress. Wealthy Affiliates is there to help you make money online.
Start at the beginning, work through the lessons (don’t miss any, do I have to say that again) and you will grow into a money making affiliate marketer. Don’t make it difficult for yourself.
Start now and find out all that Wealthy Affiliates has to offer;
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just need an email address,
no credit card
no time limits.

We’ll always be there to guide you as you develop your business.


Rob & Michelle