A Very long time ago when I think back about it….it was a really long time ago. I was young, inexperienced and dumb.
So every day I got up went to my JOB, Actually I went to a couple of jobs. You know how slowly you start to wise up in life. Well, this was me, on a very slow track.
One day I found out that JOB stood for “just over broke.” Wow…that woke me up, like quick.
So everyday from then on… no matter how hard I tried, no matter how many promotions I got, this was still a “just over broke” JOB. I knew I could do better, I knew I deserved more.
Have you ever felt this way, have you ever looked in the mirror and said to yourself, standing there looking back “this is not what I signed up for?”

 Something has got to change, and it has to be me.

Ok, That’s not exactly what I said to myself, but, you know what you would say to yourself.

Now it’s time to do something different.
So about this time, as I was looking around, asking around, searching around, Taking baby steps, Testing the water.
First I put my big toe in…slowly, not sure if I’ll get burned…Hey, It felt pretty good!
Needless to say, as time went by I got braver. I became more confident. Hey, I learned how to swim. I can do this! I learned this!
And I did this on my time, on my Clock, not the time clock.

My clock ticked to my time. I felt in control of my life for the first time in my life.
I could give WEALTHY AFFILIATES this credit, they deserve it. But, it was my toe that took the chance.
NOW, I’m pretty sure you have a toe.

Go for it!

Your toe will thank you!

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